Finn visits the Optometrist

The Leopold Lions Children’s Vision Screening Team discovered at their first screening last year just how important our program is and the difference it can make to young children.

45 children across all grades were screened at Moolap Primary School near Geelong, and 11 of those children were referred to Optometrists for complete eye examination after their results were found to be outside the considered normal range for their age group.

One of those was a little boy by the name of Finn who just about melted our hearts.

After completing screening, a referral form was issued for Finn and a visit to the optometrist confirmed that Finn needed glasses. Just a little while after starting to wear his new glasses at school we received some lovely news!

Finn’s teacher advised that now he has glasses life at school has become so much better for him. He is more confident to speak up and join in class discussions and share his ideas. He has also been producing some excellent work and is so proud of himself for his improvement.

Finn loves to talk about how he now feels wearing glasses, he says ” my eyes need to do all the work not my brain and my glasses will help me do that”.

There is absolutely no doubt that supporting our Children’s Vision Screening Program changes lives – please support our teams who are passionate about our program and the difference we know it makes to children!