Vision Screening Training and Resources

Lions Clubs who wish to participate in the Vision Screening program should follow this guide – A Guide to Conducting a LEHP Vision Screening Session

Lions, Leos, partners or community volunteers who wish to be involved must complete the following 3 stages of training, in any order, to become a LEHP Qualified Vision Screener.

1. Complete an online training course

Start Here
Vision Screener Training Course

2. Attend a Face to Face ‘Workshop’ Training Session, where the equipment and processes used at a screening are demonstrated

Once at least 6 volunteers in your area have nominated to consider becoming Vision Screeners,  LEHP will arrange for an Instructor to visit and conduct a 2-3 hour face-to-face training session.

All LEHP training sessions are conducted under appropriate COVID-19 conditions.

To request that a LEHP Vision Screening Instructor visit your club, please complete the following form:

3. Observe or participate under supervision at a screening session.

This may be arranged in conjunction with the face to face training session or you may attend an organised public screening.

Once you have completed all three steps you will be issued with a Certificate of Attainment.

Further training can be undertaken to become an Accredited Vision Screening Facilitator or Qualified Vision Screening Instructor.

Training Resources

Screener Manual

Facilitator Manual

Vision Screening FAQs

Often asked questions regarding the program – 

FAQ’s for LEHP Children’s Vision Screening Program

Refresher Training Videos

Screeners who wish to revise the activities before attending a Vision Screening Session can
watch these.

The children’s vision screening program incorporates 5 stations, please find below short instructional videos on each of these stations:

Reception Station

Visual Acuity Station

Colour Perception Station

Depth Perception Station

Screening Camera Station

Additional Resources for Facilitators and Instructors only

Administrative forms and other documents relevant to Facilitators and Instructors can be accessed
here by using the code provided by LEHP:

Screening Administration
and Documents