Instructor Training Course

Welcome and Thank you for your commitment to the Children’s Vision Screening Program.


This course is designed for LEHP Training Instructors.
It will detail the sort of information that should be conveyed at an ‘online access’ information session, for participants who are about to complete the online training course.
Also included are details for conducting a ‘hands-on workshop’ session and ‘sample screening’ session and ‘facilitator’ training for those identified as having an interest and ability to organise and conduct screenings.

Only fully trained and accredited LEHP Screening Facilitators with the intention of becoming trainers for the Vision Screening Program should be undertaking this course.

At the end of each of the 6 parts are ‘Self Check Questions’. If you are not sure of the answers, go back and read the page again.

Submit your answers and a message box will tell you if your answers are correct.
Once you have successfully answered these questions you will be able to progress to the next part.
At the end you will be required to download a question sheet. Once you add your comments, this sheet must be sent to the LEHP Training Manager for final assessment.

Any items selected using a Download link will appear in your computer’s downloads directory.

If you are not able to complete all parts of this course in one sitting, search your browser history to come back to where you finished.
Otherwise you will have to start from the beginning.

When you are ready, enter the Instructor Access Code and press ‘Submit’.

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To commence please enter the access code you obtained from LEHP
(If you do not have a code or your code does not work please contact LEHP Training Manager – Rob Winter)