Part 5

Conducting a ‘hands-on workshop’


After the Screening


Post Screening Session Tasks –

Tidy and re-set the screening area and retrieve all LEHP equipment and materials that belong with the screening kit.
Dispose of any rubbish and used disposable screening items.
Check for any ‘lost property’ items left by participants or screeners.
Thank any school personnel who assisted with managing the students that were screened.
A post screening de-brief should be conducted with feedback from the screeners involved, regarding issues or processes.
The Facilitator should supervise or conduct the copying of details from the screening slips to the summary sheet (Appendix 8 in the Facilitator Manual).
A list of volunteers in attendance for workshop and/or screening sessions, unless all are already accredited Screeners or Facilitators, is to be sent to the Training Chair, so training records can be updated and training certificates awarded where appropriate.
The school or facility could also be sent a letter of thanks.

Preparing Parent Result Letters –

The Facilitator should supervise or conduct the identifying and printing of referral camera printouts and preparing of parent result letters (Appendix 9 in the Facilitator Manual).
This can be performed on site or in another location at a later date.
It may be easier to copy all reports from the camera to a computer and then identify the referral reports that need to be printed for sending to parents.
If preferred, all reports could be printed and sent to parents but this is not really necessary.

Some information from the camera printouts will need to be transferred to the parent letter.
Individual parent results letters can be provided and distributed in a manner agreed to by the host organisation and in accordance with privacy legislation.

Screening Results Sheets –

A copy of the group summary sheet results should be; retained by the Lions Club conducting the screening, if applicable also given to the school or facility administrator and forwarded to the LEHP National Office:
Leah Evans, PO Box 433, Wahroonga NSW 2076

Returning the Equipment –

After the screening ensure that the camera is packed in its protective case where possible and that other items are packed securely.
A special ‘sensitive’ courier service is required to return the screening equipment, unless it is being transported between locations by Lions.
Within one week of completion of the screening contact the National Program Manager, or District Co-ordinator, who will assist with arranging the safe return of the screening kit or forwarding to another group.

Now you know what to explain about the Screening Session follow-up processes

and forwarding of records and equipment.

Self Check Questions:

What does not need to be recorded for reporting to the LEHP Office?

Which parents must be sent a camera printout?

Why does a list of volunteer screeners need to be sent to the Training Chair?

How should results letters be sent to parents?